Yasukuni Shrine

Yasukuni Jinja is a Shinto Shrine it was founded by Emperor Meiji in june 1869.
Yasukuni Shrine is one of the most tourist spots in Tokyo.Located  in Chiyoda Ward ,near to the other tourist spots like "Chidorigafuchi park, Kitanomaru National Garden,Nippon Budokan,Tokyo Imperial Palace,Science Museum,National Archieves Of Japan,Crafts Gallery,and The National Museum of Modern Art".

If you come from Shibuya station,take a Hanzomon Line to the Hanzomon station and exit to the gate 4.
From Tokyo station walk 5 minute to the Otemachi station,take a Tozai line to the Kudanshita station and exit to the gate 1.
Address:3 chome 1-1 Kudankita Chiyoda City,Tokyo 102-8246.

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