Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie

Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie
Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie Quotes

“No one's perfect,simply locate the damper always makes you happy & makes you mean more”.

“You never afraid of losing me,because we are one”.

“Frienship often ends in love,but love sometimes end up not with friendship”.

“Wherever you are, always be the best and give the best what we can give”.

“Love does not look like each other,but looking out together in the same direction”.  

“Failure only happens when we give up”.

“When someone abuses you,it is a compliment that so far they spend a lot of time thinking about you,even when you do not think about them”.

“Needless to perfect,simply find people who always make you happy and that means more than anyone else”.

“Love can be seen through a telescope,being jealous is only visible through a microscope”.  

“Live like you will die tomorrow,and bless like you will live forever”.

“Lack of partner relationships become something that should have been more complete”.

“Lust will only bring temporary happiness,but true and sincere love will give you
true happiness”.

“Love is sincerity,no sense of compulsion or impingement”.

“One key to happiness is to use the money for an experience not to desire”.

“My past is mine,your past is your,but the future is ours”.

“Should consistenly pursue the disciplines in which you are studying.You can
be as cosistent as I”.

“While the sport has been an intergral enumerated by death,but true love will
remain eternally stored in the recesses of the heart”.

“I have some figures which compared the cost of one kilo of airplane compare to one kilo of rice.One kilo of airplane costs thirty thousand US dollars and one kilo of rice is seven cents.And if you want to pay for your one kilo of hight-tech products with a kilo of rice,I do think we have enough”.

“Without love,intelligence is dangerous.And without intelligance,love is not enough”.

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